Stove: regular cleaning for smooth operation

 A fireplace should be cleaned at regular intervals. Cleaning concerns especially the Interior, the washer and the ash box. But also the seal of the pipes, the disc and from the ash box should be checked during regular use. For cleaning the disk, there is a very simple trick that makes the disc quickly clean apart from expensive special cleaners. The caulking can be carried out even, but will be accepted also by the professional.

Kaminofen Reinigen & AbdichtenTo clean the screen of the fireplace is indispensable if it is sooty. If the disc is not promptly cleaned, can burn soot particles in the disk – so that the jewel of many wood-burning stoves in the long run would be ruined. Soot on the disk is often, if the stove air is not sufficient, the fuels burn so incomplete. Also the choice of unsuitable stove fuels leads to a dirty disc: paper, cardboard, or waste do not belong in the combustion chamber of a stove! Contacy Air Duct Cleaning Thunder Bay for more help.

To clean the viewing window, the specialist recommends certain special cleaner. The cleaning is actually ash but the easiest and most effective. A piece of crumpled newspaper to be slightly moistened and immersed in the ash from the oven. Thus, the soot disc can be cleaned very easily and without much effort.

If accumulates much ashes or fine dust in the living room, it slightly burned or burnt smells or stove despite air control draws well, could work more properly a seal and a seal will be necessary. Directly onto the stove , there are two places that seal: a seal directly on the glass and the seal around the ash box. A seal is loose, moves the stove to much oxygen, combustion takes place under circumstances too quickly, so a sealing is absolutely necessary.

Appropriate sealing material is available in specialist shops. Caulking a slice of a very careful dealing with heat-resistant adhesive is offered but: glue residue on the disc can no longer be removed and deface the disc permanently. Who here wants to ensure an absolutely accurate and clean sealing, asks to use best the fireplace stove Builder.
Also, the ash from the Interior must be removed regularly

The second great post when cleaning a fireplace is lively moderate removing of the ashes. This cutlery on one ordinary fireplace can be used, but also an ash cleaner helps with thorough cleaning. When a was Ash Pan spread the ashes under the actual ash box. Also the ashes should be removed regularly to ensure a possible tight closing of the ash pan.

Depending on the amount of ash, you should often perform cleaning once in a month, at very frequent heating stove . Cleaning requires usually only a few minutes. Ashes should be disposed of in the trash, the waste into compost or compost bin is no longer supported, because there could be carcinogenic substances in incompletely burned fuel remains..


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