CHECK your stove on heart & kidney!

In material and workmanship, there you should look exactly: What are the strengths of the material? How exactly are the oven components? Was carefully welded or desolate “fried”? Contact Air Conditioning Service Thunder Bay for more help.

Ask specifically:

    What product defects are of excluding the guarantee?
    There’s a factory service?
    Who is disc dirty?(are all, more or less!)
    Will handle hot?(Often a glove is therefore)
    What safety clearances required for this model? (if it is critical, in writing request)

And the function? Whether your desired oven will work well you need mostly just believe the DIN testing is here only little security. Experienced furnace dealers know the living fire and the Jet heat the demonstration stove of the exhibition to the persuasiveness of the so-called kiln, say more than the best sales pitch. German brand stoves will burn well on your chimney. Watch out for the details: How big is the combustion chamber? Which bothers Open oven? The oven is only show or suitable for baking bread? Extends the capacity of the ash drawer ?

Also remember:

    Verkachelt furnaces are still no stoves, lack the tiles are first and foremost ornament.
    Tiles often tend that breaks the surface and becomes unsightly.
    Replacement tiles often have a different shade.
    Many German manufacturers have e.V. certify the quality of their tiles by the Association of German stove tiles.
    Also soapstone is built usually not in sufficient quantity to the oven, to act as long-term memory (but nice looks).


The purchase price and the delivery costs? Stove – Prices usually include VAT , but exclusive connection material, transport and Assembly. Good producers and distributors to publish the list of the selling prices. No set-up charge or whopping discounts promised so this factor is probably already in the spreadsheet included.

Warranty and service? Good German stoves have a 5 year warranty and their makers secure an replacement of spare parts to .  Try for damage, (E.g. a tile breaks suddenly) occur without apparent reason the manufacturer liable, frequently a defect exists.
The necessary service is low:s times clean the plate of the stove, pipe and the combustion chamber times clean before the beginning of the heating season, the oven painting with a repair sprayauffrischen, that everything you can perform.


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